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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  April 8, 2015 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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time under rev wright. >> you can log on to the "fox and friends first" facebook page. we hope you have a great day. see you back here tomorrow. "fox and friends" starts now. good morning. today is wednesday, april 8th. i'm elizabeth hasselbeck. a fox news alert. what you are about to see is graphic. now the police officer in that video you just saw has been charged with murder. we have breaking details for you straight ahead. meanwhile rand paul running for president as a different kind of republican. can he really convince independents and democrats and other republicans to get on board? we're going to talk about that. espn's bracket champion denied his $20,000 prize because he's 12. should that -- the network make an exception? think about that while we tell
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you mornings are better with friends. >> hi i'm congressman ron paul and you're watching "fox and friends." this has been ron paul week -- rand paul week. >> ron paul represented texas. rand paul represented kentucky. where was rand paul born? >> i have no -- >> texas. >> pittsburgh. >> pittsburgh? >> if he can get those states -- >> he's thrown his hat into the ring. we'll talk about that. first a fox news alert. >> we'll begin with it now. brand new video putting a white south carolina police officer behind bars for murder. the victim in unarmed black men shot multiple times in the back. >> good morning, very disturbing. that police officer could be headed to death row. a witness capturing the horrific
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exchange that left a father of four lying dead in the grass. we must warn you this video is graphic. you can see walter scot running from officer as he fired eight shots at the 58-year-old veteran. the confrontation happened saturday during a routine traffic stop. he pulled him over for a broken tail light. he feared for his life because he claimed scott took his stun gun during a scuffle. >> shots fired. subject is down. he grabbed my taser. >> you can see the taser appeared to be attached to scott as he's running from the officer before shots are fired. it's unclear whether or not he try today take the taser. officer slager is behind bars at a detention center in south carolina after being denied
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bond. scott's family demanding justice. >> i don't think that all police officers are bad cops. but there are some bad ones out there. and i don't want to see anyone get shot the way my brother got shot down. >> this all happening in north charleston. the family plans to file a civil lawsuit against the police department. the justice department also looking into the case. >> thank you very much. >> what a way to start. three minutes after the hour, let's lighten it up a little bit. we've been talking about rand paul. yesterday he finally gave a speech saying exactly who he's going to take on. republicans, president, hillary clinton oh, and democrats. he's taking on everybody. >> he spoke -- it was a 25 minute speech he gave a good one, in fact. his banner said defeat the washington machine.
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unleash the american dream. he told sean hannity how he would gain an audience in his campaign. he said this. >> i think so often we get people who are elected and they spend decade after decade up there. they lose touch with the people. and nothing changes. we elect republicans we want them to balance the budget and they do the same things democrats do. we're good at defending the second amendment. i'm a great defender of the second amendment. but we be forgotten about other amendments. if we showed equal deference and love for the fiveth and sixth amendment and fourth amendment. all of a sudden there's a whole group of people, young kids, college kids, african-americans they're going to say -- >> he may be on to something. when you look at the very latest pugh poll about party identification. we have learned about half the
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country is democrat and republican. about 40% of the people who were polled by the pugh organization identify themselves as independent. only about a quarter say they are republican. and only about a third in the country identify themselves as democrats. if you are going to be the next president of the united states you've got to win the people in the middle. the people whether they lean to the right or left. the people who are the independents. >> maybe because rand paul has been out spoken in terms of government surveillance and government overspending. >> hook up his iphone. >> he sure does. when you see those numbers about independents. karl rove was with greta van sust stern talked about rand paul. >> he's got to find a way to win. iowa is duminated by social conservatives. his best shot would be new
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hampshire which is an open primary. independents can vote in either democrat or republican. there's a chance for him to bring sort of the isolationist pro peace pro dope progressive independents into the republican primary to vote for him by emphasizing his libertarian prinples and outlook. >> his biggest challenge will be his foreign policy which seemed to be cutting edge. in comes isis and iran and russia. his come back was good with sean last night. he said, you know what? if the iraqis don't want to take mosul do the american people want us to? do we have to stand up for everyone? that's a solid debate we'll have with the military -- we'll have a pure military debate on rand paul's policy. >> a government how will it succeed in building nations abroad. trying to focus on maybe we're
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not, i guess, apt enough to do it? many people disagree with that statement there, saying we've got what it takes to jump in when we need to. >> it's a small part of a budget is foreign aid. in the big picture we want every dollar here at home. foreign aid -- >> speaking of dollars the phone was ringing off the hook on his campaign website. he was making a lot of money through among other things things in the rand paul store you could buy ornlnline for $15. get an nsa spy block. i do the same thing. i don't anybody watching me while i'm talking to my family. the eye charts for $20. flip-flops. 1,000 dollars autograph pocket constitution. i thought his speech yesterday was great. he checked a lot of boxes. he does have an evolving stance on foreign policy. >> he does. >> let's see where it goes.
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>> absolutely. >> two out of the block, marco rubio comes up next then hillary. >> just 16 more days. >> smart to jump in when you have a clear message before it gets muddied with everybody else. >> all right. it is eight minutes now after the top of the hour. and heather joins us with some news. >> a couple other things going on i want to tell you about. first off, a tournament tragedy. seven people are dead after their small plane crashed on the way home from the ncaa final tournament. dense fog in central illinois they believe could be to blame for the crashment two of the seven have been identified as employees of illinois state university. the deputy at lettics director and a coach. it went down less than two miles from the central illinois airport. request denied a federal judge will not lift a temporary
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hold on president obama's executive action to prevent millions of illegals deportation. he granted the injunction on behalf of 26 states. he called them unconstitutional. the justice department wants it lifted immediately and has already asked for an appeal. then overnight, hundreds of firefighters battling flames on top of a building in los angeles. you can see as the flames shoot from the fifth floor of the six story office building with thick black smoke pouring into the sky. firefighters pulled a man and his wife to safety through a window. you can see that right there. they were trapped by the growing flames. >> right now i can say they did a great job. and in less than three minutes when i made that 911 call they were there. >> amazing. this morning investigators are trying to determine what caused the fire. the lights are back on in washington, d.c. after wide spread power outages started
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yesterday. the white house capitol and state department all affected by this. power was knocked out during the daily state department briefing. look at that. even oprah was left in the dark. that's the state department. even oprah was left in the dark during a speech. kind of awkward? they claim there was a equipment failure at a maryland substation and that was to blame. those are your headlines. >> incredible. they were quick to pull out their cell phone flash lights. >> it was as simple as -- in case of the lights go out here -- apparently just a piece of metal fell on the power lines in maryland. and brought washington to its knees. that simple. >> a pocket flash. >> let's talk about this, as you know many of you filled out brackets. we're wondering how it blew up early or if you got all the way through like this boy who won.
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what about this 12-year-old who won the espn bracket and should be getting $20,000. >> he's 12 years old from illinois, he won. he actually tied for first place out of 12 million entries right here. the prize is $20,000. he skirted the rules by entering his dad's e-mail. his dad is the type of kid who looks at the stats, reads -- >> he studies. >> he's a smart kid. >> he filled out ten brackets. his brother was more than impressed. he thinks he should get a shot. >> if you're a kid and you think you would win $20,000. he did break the rules. you have to be 18 and he did commit fraud by putting his father's e-mails. >> do you think he should go to jail? >> no he broke the rules. he shouldn't get the money. so many kids play, as you mentioned gretchen's son filled her hers. my daughter filled out mine. i think what espn should do. if you open it up for everybody. if you are under 18 make it a
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$20000 scholarship. if you're over 18 win $20,000. right now they look cheap by not giving the money out. >> was there an entry fee? >> i don't think no. >> if there is no entry fee, his dad should have just said give it to me. do what you did. gretchen entered it but her son was the brains behind it. >> he was fantastic by the way on her program yesterday. >> he called in? >> yes, he called in i was listening. >> do you think it's fair that this 12-year-old won and yet won't get the money? are they following the rules? you can e-mail us, facebook us -- i was going to say facetime and twitter. >> what do you think about a junior division? >> now this coming up. remember when susan rice said this about bowe bergdahl? >> the point is that he's back.
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he's going to be safely reunited with his family. he served the united states with honor and distinction. >> yeah, that couldn't be further from the truth. we're learning he may have preplanned his desertion. a special forces commander who led the search to find him reacts to that. >> a new report says russia hacked white house computers and got private information about the president. could hackers still be hiding inside the system? a live report from d.c. straight ahead. ♪ does all greek yogurt have to be thick? does it all have to be the same? not with new light and fluffy yoplait greek 100 whips! let's whip up the rules of greek!
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>> the point is he's back. he'll be safely reunited with his family. he served the united states with honor and distinction. >> those are the words that stick out. i don't think so. a new report alleged that army sergeant bowe bergdahl wasn't captured by the taliban. he left his base with a deliberate plan to offer himself off. we have the author of warrior diplomat and was commander of special forces the day he went out and went looking for him. all missions went on hold that they went and searched for an american that they thought was being held as a pow.
3:18 am
if this revelation by colonel schaffer is true, what does that mean to you? >> i want to emphasize the point you just made everyone in eastern afghanistan at the time and the provinces surrounding where bergdahl walked off, was told to stop what they're doing shift, and look for him. in my view, anyone who died in that period of time, died while looking for him. i testified last year next to the family of a lieutenant darren andrews who was killed on a mission searching for bergdahl. the thing that has he so incensed, his family wasn't invited to the white house. his family did not receive a rose garden ceremony. he doesn't get to enjoy -- he's dead. he doesn't get to enjoy things bergdahl is now. >> you understand war and bureaucracy to get where you are at in politics. now we understand these revelations of him leaving the base on his own, hooking up with the taliban in the hopes of getting to uzbekistan was something that was orchestrated
3:19 am
and preplanned and known by 2009. how do you end up in the rose garden 2014 hailing he's been released for five taliban commanders? >> i can't explain it. folks i talked to over the years can't explain why the administration tried to take a victory lap with this trade. you know, the trade itself, was controversial. i could understand somewhat intellectually that debate. to then polit gicize the matter is egregious. it had me and those who made a number of sacrifices trying to find this guy just incensed. >> and by the way if this proves to be true it's got to be one of the reasons he's getting a trial. what would you like to see happen to him? >> he's been charge would misbehavior in front of the enemy. this ncis report is true that he planned to go the enemy or collaborated with the enemy once
3:20 am
he was captured. either way in my view, he deserves life in prison. i hope that's what he receives. again, the soldiers who died looking for him don't receive anything. >> exactly. lieutenant colonel michael walls. thank you so much. congratulations on your book. >> thanks. >> ten minutes before the bottom of the hour. coming up, a cancer patient kicked off a plane in front of everyone. >> i have multiple myelomas. you're kicking me off the airplane? because i don't have a doctor's note saying i can fly. >> because she didn't have a doctor's note. how the airline is responding. it's one of the very first lawsuits filed in the new york city east village by a pair of women who didn't live in the building that blew up. do they have a case? we'll debate it. ♪ feet...tiptoeing. better things than the pain stiffness, and joint damage of moderate to severe
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about 24 minutes past the top of the hour. quick headlines. rock emmanuel elected to a second term as chicago mayor. he won with about 56% of the vote. john mccain will seek a sixth term. he will be 80 years old at election day next year. he says he has a lot of energy left. two owitnesses to a building explosion in new york -- they were on the same black nearby. they share their story with a local reporter. listen to this. >> we peer out the back windows where our apartment is facing. we just hear screaming. we come downstairs. people are running down the street. there is glass shattered everywhere. you start seeing the smoke,
3:25 am
someone is climbing the fire escape and it's madness. >> i could have been there having a lunch break next side i'm across second avenue with the glass from the windows. i feel really lucky. >> perhaps their luck ran out. those women despite looking composed and healthy in that interview claim they were severely injured by the blast and are suing the city for $20 million per woman. we're joined by two attorneys. good morning to both of you. >> good morning. >> all right. lisa they were not hurt were they? >> they're claiming that they are suffering post traumatic stress syndrome. they're probably claiming other things like lost wages. they're bringing the lawsuit because they're suing the city of new york. the city ezsays if you're bringing a lawsuit you need a 90 day
3:26 am
claim. we look at these two girls without a hair out of place in light of so much loss and tragedy. ative pulls at our heart strings that maybe this case isn't valid. >> the fact that they're suing for $20 million a piece. they were not injured. one girl said she had five scrapes on her hand. he got medicine at cvs. the window didn't blow out. they were on the same block. they want $40 million. this is why people help lawyers. they found a lawyer to file this lawsuit. >> this is outrageous. these women are taking advantage and exploiting the fact that people were legitimately injured and even killed as a result of this tragedy. it's ridiculous. you know what? new york keep them. we don't want them in florida. keep them. >> you said florida because, apparently they're going to move down south because it's too
3:27 am
weird here in new york city. one of the wimomen who is suing the city and gas company for $20 million posted this on facebook. we're local celebs on good day new york, and had been fox5. cool to be on tv but my house burnt down. there was no damage to her house. >> you have to look at these two people. i know there will be many litigants coming into the situation. the post traumatic stress syndrome, don't forget is a difficult syndrome to prove. they'll have to go through a lot of paper. it's not likely to present itself for a month. it looks like these girls are used to getting a lot of attention and getting much more of it right now. will it hurt their case in the future? look, unlikely that they could substantiate a $20 million claim. however, ptsd, they do have to have an opportunity to prove that they don't have an injury.
3:28 am
they do have a right to bring the lawsuit. i think what you're really seeing is kind of a money grab. they're kind of out there first and they're getting a lot of publicity. maybe -- >> they're trying to get attention. >> we've lost our appetite, we can't sleep. is that worth $20 million a person? hello. >> no, absolutely not. these are socialites and social climbers. back in the olden days you would make a sex tape. you know they're sinking lower than kim kardashian. it's ridiculous. it's outrageous. >> it does seem like as lisa said earlier, a money grab. she was representing their side. all right. lisa and whitney, we thank you both for coming in and talking about this. what do you folks watching right now think about these two new york women who want $20 million a piece? a new report says russia
3:29 am
hacked the white house, the computers and even got private information about the president. could the hackers still be inside the system? we have a loiv report from d.c. straight ahead. does your boss sometimes act like you're invisible? >> are we still on for that meeting? >> yes. we are. >> hey, i can't make the meeting. ready to go to lunch? >> yeah, let's go. >> bad boss. how do you deal with a bad boss without losing your job? sheryl casone has the advice you need. happy birthday to country music star john snyder. he's the double nickel, 55. ♪ what's a memory like you ♪ ♪ doing in a love like this ♪
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there was a massive power outage in washington, d.c. today. you heard about this? you hear about this? it affected a number of the federal building including the white house. when asked when they could restore power to the white house, officials were like, 2016? >> he'll be here all week. >> i honestly thought chinese hackers. turning off the grid. >> i thought russian hackers. it could be anybody. >> you know what? russian hackers in the news. they're being blamed for the 2014 attack on the white house. >> the obama administration is trying to calm fears about security. >> leland vittert knows all about it. hey. >> good morning. these hackers gained access to things like the president's schedule and possible policy announcements that were upcoming.
3:34 am
unclassified data but sensitive. the reports says the hackers are believehead to be working for the russian government. the administration, though, simply won't discuss where the attacks came from. >> we don't confirm cyber intrusions. we have spoken to the fact that there was an event last year. we have classified systems that are secure. we take regular precautions to secure our unclassified networks as well. we don't talk about where cyber intrusions originate from because we're taking action to prevent them. >> one source told fox news the russian operations was called spawn pawn storm back in october. it may or may not be linked to the suspected russian attack on the state department's unclassified computer system. that assault hit their e-mail system among other things and took months to clean up. it's unknown if the russian hackers or those from other countries tried to attack the private e-mail server that was
3:35 am
up operated operated by hillary clinton. russian hackers became sanctioned by vladmir putin after tensions with ukraine intensified. there are now two russian warships not far from u.s. shores. at least one of them is an intelligence gathering ship possibly headed for a port of call in cuba. back to you. >> how we going to answer to all this? are we going to somehow government to government? >> leland, thanks. >> we took down north korea because they our movie. >> we put a thumb drive and blue -- they're complete systems. >> i'm for that. if you're thinking about some type -- >> thumb drive? it is news time now. 25 minutes before the top of the hour. heather has them. a couple other things going on. starting out in maryland please
3:36 am
are demanding answers from the electric company that shut off power to a house where a father and his seven children houses of carbon monoxide poisoning. the electricity was disconnected for safety reasons after a stolen meter, they claim was found at the mobile home and not because he was behind on his bills. police have now subpoenaed the power company to determine exactly when the power was off: the family was using a generator. todd, his two sons and five daughters seen in this family photo were found dead on monday. a woman with cancer kicked off an airplane in hawaii. because she didn't have a doctor's note? take a look at this. >> i have multiple myeloma. you're kicking me off the airplane because i don't have a doctor's note saying i can fly? >> that is the passengers and cancer patient. she posted this video on
3:37 am
facebook. she told alaska airlines cruises sometimes she feels weak when she flies. she put on a mask to avoid germs. that is when she was told that she needed a note from her doctor in order to fly. then her entire family was escorted off the plane. as a result, she missed several chemotherapy appointments in her home state of california. the airline apologized for the incident. and comps the family's flight and hotel rooms. what do you think of that? two professors now indicted for their role in this attack on nypd officers during a protest on the brooklyn bridge. remember this story? the professors were arrested following the december 13th scuffle with police. their charges have been sealed at this time. they were trying to help this man. he was trying to drop a garbage
3:38 am
can on cops. thank you very much. 23 minutes before the top of the hour. it might be funny in the movies. a new survey found that only 18% of manages can effectually do their job. what do you do if you find yourself with a horrible boss? sheryl casone is here with what we need to do if we're stuck in the position. what do you do? >> only 18% of managers in america have the skills needed to manm? this is the number one people leave their jobs because of a boss. one of the -- i don't know if this ever happened to you. have you ever felt a little invisible? >> what do we have? >> what if we start working on our logo. >> i agree. >> i think we are done here. >> okay. so you're being a little bit
3:39 am
ignored by your boss. you got to speak up obviously. you don't want to be rude. >> she was speaking up. >> but you got to be assertive, not rude but assertive. schedule a follow up meeting come back in the next day and say i have ideas. you have to go back and go back. it's your boss and job. you have to do that. >> what happens if you're excluded? >> sometimes people do feel excluded and they are the odd man out. >> where are y'all going? >> we have a meeting for the project, didn't you get the e-mail? >> no, i didn't. >> odd woman out. >> bad day. >> sometimes unfortunately you're excluded. here's the thing you got to actually tune in sometimes to the boss. again it's all about the follow up. about not letting them see you sweat and trying to get that face time you need with the boss. >> so she was excluded. she was invisible. now the boss micromanages her. >> there you go sometimes you can't escape your because, no
3:40 am
matter how hard you try. >> did you get the assignment done i asked you to do? >> yes. >> did you send the e-mail i needed you to send. >> yes. >> did you do my photo copies for me? >> uh-huh. >> she did something great there. she didn't show any emotion. that is the trick when you're under that type of pressure. don't show emotion do your job, keep your nose down. that's really the best advice. it's all about the emotion. >> how about this, do you have to put yourself in the boss's place to see why they're acting this way to you? >> sometimes you can't find your boss. this happens a lot. >> hey are we still on for that meeting? >> yes. we are. >> hey i can't make that meeting today sorry. ready to go to lunch? >> yeah, let's go. >> what's going on there? >> yeah. no sometimes you're playing favorites. sometimes the boss is playing
3:41 am
favorites. you're going to have to reschedule, reschedule. wait a couple of days and then say, hey, still have those ideas i want to show you. let's try and get lunch on friday. you got -- it's about being assertive. you know you have a bad boss but you have to deal with it. >> we know she is just acting there. how was lunch with that guy? >> it's wonderful. he's a cutie. was that inappropriate? i'm sorry. >> great segment. you don't want to miss her on the fox business network. to find it go to we're glad to find you here on othe curvy couch. coming up on this wednesday, senator rand paul wants the white house. critics say he's further left than president obama when it comes to foreign policy. does he have what it takes to be commander in chief? a fair and balanced debate coming up next. it's one of the best disguises of all time. but now is mrs. doubtfire
3:42 am
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now time for some headlines. some twisted headlines. who could forget one of hollywood's biggest disguises and best ones as well? that's no lady, that is mr. robin williams as mrs. doubtfire. from cleaning the house to a life of crime california police are looking for a real life bank robbery suspect they're dubbing the mrs. doubtfire bandit.
3:46 am
twisted sister ain't going to take it anymore. ♪ we're not going to take it ♪ ♪ now we ain't going to take it ♪ ♪ we're not going to take it anymore ♪ >> they just sang that here on this show in the last year or so. the rock group announcing next year's 40th anniversary tour is going to be their last. dee snyder confirming the news on facebook. and that is the news and here's the headline brian. rand paul's critics claiming he's to the left of president obama when it comes to foreign policy. and could statements like this that are driving that theory forward? >> negotiations are not inherently bad. the trust but verify is required in any negotiation. but our goal always should be and always is peace. not war. >> so how would rand paul lead
3:47 am
as commander in chief if that is the approach? here to join is a foreign advisor to rand paul. welcome to both of you. general, does that statement bother youthat you heard yesterday? >> i have no problems with negotiations. there's a point at which you have to realize that negotiations are failing. in this case i think it's time to cut our losses and agree that no deal is better than a bad deal. >> right. i think, too, richard, yesterday rand paul told sean hannity if you ask americans if they want to do something aboutize isis the answer is yes, and if they're willing to send troops, they pause. >> we can't be in the situation of fighting other's wars. we can support our allies like we're doing in iraq. we're supporting the iraqies and
3:48 am
kurds. senator paul has supported arming the kurds and using air force in iraq. i think that is a position that any american would probably support. >> he also wants to cut foreign aid. is that a problem to you by about $500 billion? >> i think cutting foreign aid is a problem. first of all, i'm all for cutting foreign aid from people who have demonstrated they are not our friends and allies. but when you talk about cutting foreign aid from people like israel who have been staunch allies since 1948 i think that's a huge mistake. i hope what we see in senator paul is a potential candidate for president whose policies are emerging and evolving as reality is setting in. >> ambassador, would you say he is somebody that's been mischaracterized as to the left of president obama? >> well, i certainly agree with
3:49 am
that statement. he's certainly not to the left of barack obama. i have worked for president ronald reagan, george h.w. bush. i would say he's in the mainstream of a traditional conservative realism which those presidents pdemonstrated. he's not to the left of barack obama. he supports diplomacy but he's also prepared to use force to protect our interests. >> you point out, general -- this has been pointed out that he has looked to cut the aumf into iraq since back in 2002. >> i think one of his problems is that he had a rather pollyanna-ish view of the world when he came into the senate. today, i think as the realities of the threats against america are setting in that he is
3:50 am
actually emerging as a guy who could get it right if he is willing to accept the realities of the threats against us. >> ambassador, and general, thanks so much. things have changed since he first thought about running for president before russia started flexing its muscles and isis was created. thanks so much. >> thank you. coming up straight ahead, we move ahead. christian faithful under fire again by the president. >> listen to less than loving expressions by christians. i get concerned. >> wow. new swipe singling out christians ahead. and a new bill would make it illegal to bring a gun to school, a toy. real guns? no problem? you. this spring, choose choice twice,
3:51 am
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3:54 am
well new legislation in tennessee is banning toy guns from school grounds. but actually that's not the shocking part. guess what? guess what's still allowed to be around the kids? real guns. ding plegislation would make it illegal to carry a gun near the property. but a permitted gun holder could carry a gun around the school. is it good for the kids or another over legalization. we have a fox news contributor. i'm looking at this with the eyes of common sense i'm thinking how is this keeping kids safe? you can't bring a squirt gun with this new legislation. why is this going to work? >> basically tennessee passed a
3:55 am
new piece of legislation allowing people to carry in parks. this legislation was opposed by democrats. they offered 11 amendments. the amendment that passes which was sponsored by republicans is one that kind of throws them a bone by saying we'll ban all these other types of weapons including toy or fake guns in order to make this argument we should be able to carry in parks. the bottom line is that you're still allowed to carry a firearm with a permit within 150 feet of a school. parents who are picking up their children are allowed to have firearms in the vehicle. here we are now written in the law you cannot have a fake gun in a school or within 150 feet of the school or you're in violation of state law. >> overregulation some would say. this is a list of what's being banned. you can't have explosives. permanently disabled device. hoax device. imitation firearm. machete or sword.
3:56 am
where do we go from here? we've had incidents. they're saying this is actually included because, why? the antigun no gun zone is already in effect and that would ban guns in the area? why are they linked? >> they're linked because essentially federal law makes it so that they don't have to include real guns in this list of what they call weapons right? you know, a lot of the times -- not a lot of the times sometimes this kind of amendment that bans toy guns is offered in certain places because they don't want police in a situation to mistake a fake firearm for a real firearm in the case of a school. but the bottom line is that, look you know, if they're going to allow people to bring guns within 150 feet of the school but not ban fake guns from being at the school, that kind of presents an issue. it doesn't really prove the point. >> thanks i guess you need a permit for a water gun now. thank you. what do you think about that? now, this coming up breaking
3:57 am
right now. american soldier under attack in afghanistan. what we know about the shooter straight ahead. across america, people are taking charge of their type 2 diabetes... ...with non-insulin victoza. for a while, i took a pill to lower my blood sugar but it didn't get me to my goal. so i asked my doctor about victoza. he said victoza works differently than pills and comes in a pen. victoza is proven to lower blood sugar and a1c. it's taken once a day, any time. and the needle is thin. victoza is not for weight loss but it may help you lose some weight. victoza is an injectable prescription medicine that may improve blood sugar in adults with type 2 diabetes when used with diet and exercise. it is not recommended as the first medication to treat diabetes and should not be used in people with type 1 diabetes or diabetic ketoacidosis. victoza has not been studied with mealtime insulin. victoza is not insulin. do not take victoza if you have a personal or family history of medullary thyroid cancer multiple endocrine neoplasia syndrome type 2,
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3:59 am
it's covered by most health plans.
4:00 am
good morning to you today is wednesday, april 8th. i'm elizabeth hasselbeck. a fox news alert. what you're about to see, it's graphic. now the police officer in that video you just watched has been charged with murder. we have all the breaking details for you. president obama calling out christians again. >> i listen to less than loving expressions by christians. i get concerned. >> we're concerned about the response to his concern. the new swipes at christians. and new outrage from christians. we'll discuss it. who is walking whom? a role reversal as a dog takes a
4:01 am
kid for a walk. and drags him across the street. good thing the driver slowed down. the video going viral this morning. we'll tell you where that happened and who that dog is. probably going to wind up with a tv show. welcome to this wednesday episode of "fox and friends." live from new york city. >> hi this is marco rubio from the great state of florida. you're watching "fox and friends." well, yesterday was senator rand paul day. it looks like marco rubio week is next week. that's when he's going to declare. the week after that it's hillary if you're filling out your bracket at home. >> 2016 bracket. >> a republican who retired from the senate in our green room who thinks rubio is the man. let's get to the fox news alert. video showing a south carolina police officer shooting an unarmed black man has the officer facing murder charges at
4:02 am
this hour and possibly the death penalty if convicted. anna kooiman is here with the breaking developments. >> tough story. that witness video giving north charleston enough evidence to arrest one of their own men for murder. we must warn you, this clip is graphic. you can see walter scott running from officer slager as the officer fires eight shots at the 50-year-old coast guard veteran. he pulled scott over for a broken tail light and says he feared for his life because me claims scott took his stun gun during a scuffle. >> shots fired. subject is down. >> you can see the taser's line appears to be attached from scott as he's running from the officer right before shots are fired. it's unclear whether or not scott tried to take the taser in
4:03 am
the first place. the officer is behind bars in south carolina after being denied bond at a hearing last night. scott's family relieved police are taking action. >> we can't get my brother back. my family is in deep mourning for that. but through the process of justice has been served. >> the family plans to file a civil lawsuit against the north charleston police department. and the justice department is also looking into this case. >> all right. thank you very much. judge andrew napolitano is with us. she said the officer feared for his life during the scuffle where mr. scott reportedly took his stun gun. we don't see that in the video. >> you know, if you remember the rodney king case, we all saw the video where he was being beaten. we didn't see what preceded it. when the jury saw what preceded it it had an outcome different
4:04 am
than what you'd think. however, the police officer's stated fear has to be a reasonable one. it can't just be i'm afraid of him because he's a black man, i'm afraid of him because i'm a cop or we had this interaction. it was a traffic stop. >> broken tail light. >> he's not running out of a bank shooting at the tellers. the police fear has to be reasonable. that's step one. step two the police can only use deadly force when they have reason to believe that it's necessary to stop the perpetrator. >> if you're just running away from me and i can't catch you, that's not a reason to shoot me. >> correct. >> he said he feared for his life after a scuffle which we don't see. >> we don't know what the basis for that fear is. it does not appear on the tape. look the laws give police a great deal of discretion, but they do not give discretion that carries to this extent.
4:05 am
killing an unarmed man by shooting him eight times in the back. juries are relectant to acquit when the person has been shot in the back. >> from what we know and "the new york times" account and other people who have written this up. a guy gets pulled over for a violation. he has a problem for his tail light. he evidently runs from this officer. why? >> after a scuffle supposedly. >> why? because he owed child support. he's had four different arrests for four separate times for child support. he runs, the cop chases. al he says he grabbed his stun gun. >> appears that the wires from the stun gun is in his body. if the stun gun was working properly. it makes it unconceivable this guy could be running. >> he gets hit five times. the coroner finds five shots in his body. the officer put cuffs on him.
4:06 am
and that allegedly the officer dropped a stun gun by the body. >> that's the least of his worries when he's facing a murder charge. in terms of the death penalty. this is not first degree murder. first degree murder means a planned plotted murder. this is some sort of homicide. it's inconceivable it was planned and plotted. he's probably facing 30 years without parole in prison. >> if they could prove that he did drop something by the body indicating -- >> a very serious charge there of obstructing justice by altering a death scene to attempt to exonerate himself. >> this happened in north charleston, south carolina. the freshman senator from south carolina, tim scott tweeted out this morning. after watching the video the senseilous shooting and taking of walter scott's life was absolutely unnecessary and
4:07 am
unavoidable. my heart aches for the family and our nort charleston community. i will be watching this case close closely. people will make comparisons between this and ferguson. >> this is not ferguson. there there was a bona fide fight over the officer's gun and the officer won the fight. this is two disfferent cases. this is a victim running away from the police. this is what some people said ferguson was. >> how rare is this for a cop to be arrested right away? >> unheard of. it's unheard of for the cop not to get bail. maybe there's more here than meets the eye. >> sure. >> thanks for coming. >> you're welcome. there is other news. for that we turn to heather. breaking news story i want to bring you. americans targeted once again. an afghan soldier opens fire on american troops in afghanistan.
4:08 am
just a short time ago. u.s. troops firing back at the soldier killing him. but not before he injured three americans. the exchange of gunfire taking place just after u.s. embassy official had left after visiting a local governor there. at this hour, no other details are available. we'll arebring you the latest as we get it. seven people are dead after their small plane crashes on the way home from the ncaa finals. debts fog in central illinois could be to blame for the crash. two of the seven dead are identified as employees of illinois state university. the deputy athletics director on the left and the associate head basketball coach is on the right. the twin engine cessna plane they were traveling in went down less than two miles from the region airport. police demanding answers from the electric company that shut off the power to a house where a father and his seven
4:09 am
children died of carbon monoxide poisoning. the electricity at his house was disconnected for safety reasons after a stolen meetser was found at the mobile home. not because he was behind on his bills. police subpoenaing the power company to determine exactly when they turned off the power. the family was using a generator. that caused the deadly carbon monoxide inside that home. todd, his two sons and five daughters found dead. are we one step closer to have a woman on a $20 bill? the movement has released the finalists for the change to currency. eleanor roosevelt and rosa parks. there will be another round of
4:10 am
voting before a petition is sent to president obama. they want the new bill by 2020. what do you think of that? taking andrew jackson, the seventh president of the united states off the $20 bill and replacing it with a woman? >> especially the chief man killer. >> she was the first from the cherokee nation -- >> is it because of his hair? >> before the invention of gel, that was natural. yesterday at the white house was the easter prayer breakfast. and this was the president's opportunity he welcomed christian leaders including reverend al sharpton. it was the president's turn to reflect on easter and holy week. with that, here he is bashing christians. >> i do reflect that as a
4:11 am
christian i am supposed to love. i have to say that sometimes when i listen to less than loving expressions by christians i get concerned. that's a topic for another day. >> he never did say what those less than loving expressions by christians were. he just just moved on. >> you assume that he's talking about what's going on in missouri. >> christians are being persecuted globally and reprimanded by the president of the united states. remember back in february that at the national prayer breakfast he said this? >> unless we get on our high horse and think this is unique to some other place remember that during the crusades and inquisition people committed
4:12 am
terrible deeds in the name of christ. in our home country, slavery and jim crow all too often was justified in the name of christ. >> nice uplifting words. you can tell that i basically think there is one thing both statements have in common. he's ad-libbing. >> i don't know who put that in the teleprompter. there was outrage on the right when people said how can compare what isis is doing cutting off people's heads with crusades which was over a thousand years ago. a chairman of the council very unhappy with the president's words. >> there's a reason the president doesn't want to talk about the persecution of christians. his policies are responsible. the growing hostility towards
4:13 am
christianity here at home is fostering an environment where terrorists and tyrants feel free to kill christians because of their faith. >> megan went on to say she thought that was severe fairthey're killing because of what the president said. >> christians are being exterminated in the middle east. >> what about in kenya? >> 140 christians killed last week. >> impossible to say muslim extremism extremism. >> he had many opportunities to face subjects facing christians but that's what he chose. it was supposed to be an open and shut case. the jurors in the boston bombing trial say hold on we're not in a hurry. we have a live report from the can you say courthouse in boston. >> this boy is denied his $20,000 prize because he's 12 years old. should the network make an
4:14 am
exception for this kid? >> just give him 12,000. ♪ i can't get no satisfaction ♪ look like this. feel like this. look like this. feel like this. with dreamwalk insoles, turn shoes that can be a pain into comfortable ones. their soft cushioning support means you can look like this. and feel like this. dreamwalk. i'm angela and i quit smoking with chantix. my children always wanted me to quit smoking but i resigned myself to the fact that it wasn't going to work. but chantix helped me do it. along with support, chantix (varenicline) is proven to help people quit smoking. it gave me the power to overcome the urge to smoke. some people had changes in behavior, thinking or mood hostility, agitation, depressed mood and suicidal thoughts or actions while taking or after stopping chantix. some people had seizures while taking chantix. if you have any of these
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4:17 am
fox news alert. out of boston. no decision in day one of deliberations in the boston marathon bombing trial. the jury did have some questions for the judge. >> that's right. molly line is live in boston
4:18 am
with the latest on this. good morning to you, molly. >> good morning. well, after seven hours of deliberations, the seven women, five men had no verdict. they came out with two questions. we don't know what the questions were, just as the judge was expecting to send them home for the end of the day. they asked those questions. the judge is expected to meet with the lawyers on those issues. hopefully the jury will be able to get answers. given that the defense attorney in her opening and closing arguments made repeat admissions he was involved in the bombing. a multitude of guilty verdicts ibthis case wouldn't be a surprise. it may take the jury time to get there. they have taken seven hours. the indictment is very long and complicated. there are 30 federal charges. 17 carry the possibility of a death penalty. which would be determined in a second trial phase. that would be determined by the same jury. this may be in the back of their names. the verdict form alone is 32
4:19 am
pages long. there are 32 conspiracy counts. they may just have to wade through some of those things to get to the end of the process. we're expecting things to resume for the jury a little after 9:00 a.m. this morning. >> molly line in boston on this wednesday. thank you. coming up, a warning to reporters. whatever you do don't call her hillary. using her first name apparently is sexist. >> really? what about all those bumper stickers? do you know the best selling book for adults right now is a coloring book? these kids are here to help us understand why adults are buying coloring books for themselves. ♪ abc ♪ ♪ easy as 123 ♪ know your financial plan won't keep you up at night. know you have insights from professional investment strategists to help set your mind at ease.
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4:23 am
time now for news by the numbers. the first number i'd like to introduce you to is 454. that's how many students texas state university accidently sent brochures to students. they're now sending regret letters to. >> $2.43 a gallon. gas prices are expected to dip. >> 20$20,000. that's how much he won't get. espn says you need to be 18 or older. they put that in the instructions. forget the latest novel or biography of steve jobs. it's these two books that are topping's best siller
4:24 am
list. >> they're adult coloring books. we know why kids love to color. why do adults? here with a look is development developmental psychologist. >> what is it about coloring as an adult? >> it's very relaxing. it's the one thing you can do that is just about you, it's not about your kids or job. it is something that you can do to relax. there's a great deal of research showing right now that it helps with sleep disorders. if you're -- >> really? >> if you have any kind of insomnia. not major sleep disorders, but minor insomnia. do this before you go to bed. >> keep a pack of crayons by your bed and you could sleep better? >> if you're having trouble sleeping and you need to disconnect. this is great. >> who needs a sleeping pill when i have this? >> i know, it's true.
4:25 am
>> we understand why kids like to do it. because it's creative and stuff like that. >> you guys like it right? >> i think adults like it because it's a little nostalgic. we know how to do this. >> it is a big thing. there's a lot of nostalgia going on in our culture. kids are playing kickball. they're doing things when they were kids. psychologists are happy about this one. there's no judgment. you can do as an individual. it's like yoga. >> i know for a fact i'll sit down with the kids to color. i look up, they take off after a little while and i'm still coloring. it does relax me. i love it. >> you're still coloring children's coloring books. they're not challenging. this is more challenging. aside from the intricacy of the book. it has a where's waldo effect to it. >> is there something that happens neurologically that can be backed up by taking a crayon
4:26 am
and coloring? >> the creative part of your brain that doesn't get used over the course of the day does get worked and does get used. there is other research with alzheimer's. it's not imperical research but it is suggested that using that side of your brain on a regular basis could improve. >> there is millions of books sold. it explains what's happening. >> i'm having this young man fill in on this edition. the work is so intricate. people like about coloring books there is no correct answer. if i want to make him orange, i make him orange. if i want to make the leaves purple, it's my prerogative. >> think about the course of your day people telling you how you look. >> you've been reading the blog. >> it's a very good tie. there is so many things over the course of the day that gets
4:27 am
judged. this is nice that to have this that has nothing to do with anything other than you. you can turn off your brain. >> it's tech down color up. it seems to work. the kids are doing a great job. it is okay to color outside the lines? >> you should. i encourage it. if you look at the research also on like, child play, so if you go to a therapist, if you go to a therapist with your child they'll have your child draw. it talks how it helps a child. it helps an adult in the same way. >> i used to get in trouble for doodling. >> if you're just too stressed out and you're having trouble falling asleep maybe the adult coloring book is for you. >> that's my suggestion. >> number one and number two on amazon right now. you gave us a reason. >> thanks, cooper. good to have you back. kids, thank you very much. >> color all you want. coming up on this wednesday check out this role reversal. a dog takes a kid for walk.
4:28 am
watch this. right across the street. the video going viral this morning. where is that happening? we'll give you details. rand paul joining ted cruz in the race for the white house. does either senator stand a chance? our all-star political panel weighs in on that next. ♪ so high ♪ ♪ girl you're the one i want to want ♪ ♪ if you want me ♪ astball. take care of your brain with centrum silver men. multivitamins with 20% more vitamin d. my heart beats 100,000 times a day sending oxygen to my muscles... again! i can lift even the most demanding weights. take care of your heart with centrum silver men. multivitamins for the most important parts of you.
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4:31 am
rand paul officially entering the race for white house. the second official republican candidate after ted cruz from last week. so do either of these guys have a shot at the nomination? let's talk to our panel. we have former republican senator from oklahoma. and senior advisor for the convention of state's project. we got kennedy the host of kennedy kennedy. we have a former campaign
4:32 am
advisor and a fox news contributor. kennedy what do you think about rand paul and his rollout? >> i think he hit the right notes. there were a lot of libertarian who were concerned about his neo con conswerve in the past few weeks. he hit the notes what people wanted to hear and what he believed. he exuded a warmth that people aren't usually -- they don't usually identify him with. i thought he did a really good job talking about limited government. taking on democrats and republicans and laying out how his vision fits with the future. >> jehmu she says he was taking on democrats and republicans. what did you hear? >> i'm loving the rand paul swerve. >> the neo con swerve. >> that's probably what's coming. that's what's ahead. i think he did a good job. i actually have probably more expect for senator paul than
4:33 am
some of the other candidates that are going to hop in the ring here. when he gets through the ringer that is going to be the republican party primary, that's the swerve that's going to happen. that's what's going to make it. really interesting. because i don't think he's going to be able to stick to those libber libertarian views in the way he may think so. >> he's kind of libertarian-ee. senator what do you think? she describes as a neo con swerve. others said he has a revolving view recording foreign policy. >> i don't think he's any different than people in washington. he'll adopt how they need to accomplish their goal. it doesn't say much about either party in washington. >> who do you like? >> i'm already sick of the 2016. i'm tired of hearing about it. we're 16 months away -- >> this is how it starts. >> well, you know, it starts worse every time. you know are there more
4:34 am
important things than who is running for president 16 months away from the election? i think there certainly are. we ought to be paying attention to those. >> kennedy so many people -- critics of the senator have said he was really soft on foreign affairs. now he's evolving swerving he's doing all sorts of things. aside from foreign policy. what's the one issue that rand paul addresses that you like. >> freedom. he starts with economic freedom. i think he laid that out. people who have been hurting economically and looking at crony capitalism in this country and see big businesses who are favored by the democratic party. they see they're coffers being enriched while they're struggling to pay bills. jobs aren't enough to bolster the economy. people want to start small businesses. they want to succeed. economic liberty is the way to get there. >> gemjehmu yesterday in a an
4:35 am
interview shots were taken at hillary about her integrity and the e-mail server. >> they're doing what they have to do. let's wait and see if he gets in the ring. >> what do you mean if? she's got office space. >> we're on live tv we'll see. >> are you willing to rip out in case -- >> they're all taking shots. senator paul has been hitting secretary clinton for the past year. 2016 started a year ago. i was sick of it then. can i just do something i never thought i would do? can i give you a high five on where we are? >> you're sick of it too? >> yes, i am. i'll file a little bit better when there's an announcement from secretary clinton. >> people are so sick of this administration. they're ready for change. that's why they clamor so much in advance. we know we're going to have a new president. >> the current president -- >> hope and change steve. >> i got to write that down. that should be on a bumper
4:36 am
sticker. the president of the united states actually took a shot at scott walker, the governor of the great state of wisconsin over that nuke deal thing with iran. he said this, listen. >> it would be a foolish approach to take. and you know, perhaps mr. walker after he's taken some time to bone up on foreign policy will feel the same way. >> senator what do you think about barack obama telling the senator he needed to -- the governor he needed to bone up on foreign policy? >> you know i think the president ought to stay out of this race. no matter which side it is. he ought to ignore it and run the country. i don't think that's helpful for him or the race. you know, it was almost -- it was personal jab. that's not what we need. we need him concentrating on the job before him right now. let the politicians who are going after his job fight it out. they can fight it out without his blessing or criticism.
4:37 am
i think we'd be better off if he were silent on most of those issues. >> it is ironic considering the fact that when barack obama was a freshman senator running for president of the united states, he didn't have any foreign policy experience. that's why joe biden currently is number two with the keys to the air force one. >> yeah. >> i guess you would agree with that? >> i would agree with that. i love these unguarded moments where the president free styles because he's always so condescending. he reveals his true self. >> finally, we wanted to talk about this, there was an item -- i think it was a newspaper jehmu, we're talking about how they went out and talked to women and supporters of hillary or i should say former senator hillary clinton, about her run for the presidency. they said don't call her hillary because that essentially is sexist. what do you think about that? >> well, secretary clinton. i think if you look at the coverage in 2008 and the fact
4:38 am
that hillary secretary clinton's name was -- her title was left out four times more than her other competitors that debs say something when it's a journalist. when it is someone in the media who has a position where they have to present things equally. if you're going to call both by first name that's fine. make it equal. >> jehmu, can i put up one of the many pictures we have of her in still frame? she had that printed up. she wants to be hillary. >> of course, that's coming from the campaign. i'm saying, if someone is interviewing, if they are in a debate and you're referencing the candidates as a whole, but you take away the title of the female candidate -- this is not just hillary. this happens to women candidates across the country. if there's anything we need to fix washington it is to get to a place of equal representation. this is one of the things that stops us from getting to parity.
4:39 am
we're at 20% right now for women in congress. >> kennedy, is hillary sexist? >> no, that's part of her branding. a truly effective branding. she has to make a difference from her husband. calling her secretary, that's so condescending. >> is it condescending? >> call hillary what hillary wants to be called. >> that would be president. >> yes. >> will be president. >> if she accomplishes that. right now she's put out the label hillary. that's her moniker. >> all right. great debate. thank you very much. >> thank you. 20 minutes before the top of the hour. heather has the news. got a couple headlines to bring you. this is a fox news alert right now. russian hackers are now being blamed for the 2014 cyber attack on the white house. the hackers gained access to little things like the president's schedule and policy announcements. the administration won't say exactly where that hack came from. listen to this. >> we don't confirm cyber
4:40 am
intrusions. we have spokebn to the fact that there was an event last year. we have classified systems that are secure. we take regular precautions to secure our unclassified networks as well. we don't talk about where cyber intrusions originate from. >> the white house says no classified information was compromised. is youtube now targeting kids with deceptive advertising on its new app? several consumer advocate groups say yes. they now want the fcc to do something about it. the youtube kids app was launched as a safer place for kids to watch videos. advocate groups say there are so many apps it's hard to tell the difference between entertainment and commercials. those groups want the same rules that limit ads in kid's television shows to apply to the app. who is walking who? take a look at this, it is going viral. a kidd being dragged across the
4:41 am
street by a huge st. bernard. oh boy. that whole thing caught on dashboard camera in the czech republic. it looks like that dog is chasing after someone on the other side of a street holding a smaller dog. that poor kid getting dragged like that. >> that kid didn't go down, it looks like he was dragged for miles. he was flat on his face. >> it's one thing for the dog to drag the kid. it's another kid for the kid to hang on. let go. >> maybe he thought it was fun. >> i didn't know that st. bernards kept that barrel around their neck. >> the kid needed to let go and shake it off. shake it off. >> or get a skate board around there. >> 19 minutes before the top of the hour. are you afraid to walk under a ladder or open your umbrella indoors? does being superstitious make you normal or nuts. dr. keith ablow is here.
4:42 am
i have a hunch he'll say no. is this your idea of the perfect family? that's the most ridiculous parenting trend. we're going to go through them. ♪ she's got a smile ♪ ♪ that it seems to me ♪ ♪ reminds me of childhood memories ♪ . boy: once upon a time, there was a nice house that lived with a family. one day, it started to rain and rain.
4:43 am
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4:46 am
to be wondering this. he might be normal. he's giving you a signal. there's something wrong. you got to sit down and talk to him. and say listen it's been a year. is it your sensitive i'll judge you, is there something else going on. it's one thing if he's sensitive he feels he'll be judged. it's another if he's a jerk. >> it could be they might be embarrassed by their own family. they may like you, but they -- >> or it's a fear of commitment. introducing to the parents that's a big step. >> yeah listen, i have done my work a long time. it could be introducing to the parents is a big step. it could be this person is a little bit afraid that his loved one is going to judge him because of the parents. it's another thing if he's been married before and he never told you. >> there you go. that's what you see. >> nuts. >> let's see how he weighs on this one. my mother-in-law spent a whole year planning our wedding. now that it's over she's fallen
4:47 am
into depression. it's as if the project was her sole purpose in life. is this normal or is this nuts? >> normal. why? because number one, it's a big undertaking a wedding. when the project is over, it can feel like a big lull in the action. secondarily, what makes a mom not have to think about the fact that she's at a new stage in our life when her daughter or son gets married? it's the wedding. then reality sets in. totally normal. psychotherapy which should come with the catering bill. it should be included. >> you marry off the kids and go to the shrink? >> why not? >> it's like an olympic athlete. they gets depressed because they have nothing to shoot for. >> it should be on most registries. >> did he just say i'm right? you know number three sounds
4:48 am
like this my sister is so superstitious she will not walk under a ladder. she will cry tears of joy if she finds a four leaf clover. >> she's no more nuts than i am knocking on wood half the time. i'm going to say normal. superstition is everywhere. how many of us are knocking on wood or looking out for black cats. it's part of the human condition. it allows us to not think about the real monsters that are like out there. >> my opinion? you could say no. my opinion is people are searching for control. they feel as though they can control their outcome if they do these little things. >> well, i think that that's a pretty good read on this right? it's a pretty good read. >> wow. >> exactly. dr. kilmeade. you could join the practice. i think people find this reassuring. we're all a little obsessive.
4:49 am
obsessive ulsive disorder is part of this. >> is that the same reason the red sox didn't shave their beards. >> it can go too far. if it interferes with your life, get it checked out? >> there's no question. if it turns into obsession and com compulsion that's where i come in. >> dr. keith ablow who suggests after you register for your wedding, then register with him in boston. >> you're going to need it, one reason or another you're going to need me. >> it would be great on the front end. >> thank you so much. coming up, breaking right now, brand new information on the police officer you see right here accused of murder after shooting a suspect as he ran away. new reports say that the cop has been in similar troubles before. and does your family look like this? sing along together in long car rides. up next, bizarre modern parenting trends and whether or
4:50 am
not they actually work. or are they nuts? singing in the car? ♪ you can go your own way ♪ ♪ you can go your own way ♪ every truck can tow a boat. every truck can climb a hill. every truck can haul a trailer. but not everyone can say they're the fastest-growing truck brand in america. guts. glory. ram.
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4:52 am
4:53 am
ture is full of unrealistic ideas about what it takes to be good parents.
4:54 am
here to address some ridiculous parenting trends. you shoot an arrow straight through these ideas we have as mom and dads of what is perfect. >> it's hard to try to be perfect. every day a new study comes out and you go oh, i'm doing it wrong again. >> recently -- for long time, been coming under fire. there is the judgy mom out there saying your snack is not good enough or organic enough. you know, natural enough. >> that's how i came up with the title of the book. somebody always has like an alternative to what you brought. you bring gummy bears and they say j have this one from whole foods. i don't want that. >> nothing against it. >> kids can overcome non-organic gummy bears.
4:55 am
let's talk about quitting. no matter what it is my kid can is going to finish it. >> follow through is overrated. it depends on what it s. there's a lot of kids out there that are doing a sport, let's say soccer. for years and years and years and they hate it. okay. it's the parents that really wants to play soccer, right? so the parents should join the soccer team and let the kid do what the kid wants to do. your kid is not going to end up being a soccer star. i don't care if -- >> if they don't want to be. >> what is your kid is gifted? my kid is gifted in this. >> it's gone crazy, hasn't it? people are crazy. >> my kid is gifted. >> i'm sure. we all wants our kids to be gifted. only 2% to 5% of kids are actually gifted. if your kids are in that percentage, don't you want them to be highly gifted. >> they're bringing the competition to kids because it's
4:56 am
their life not yours. family dinners, you have to have family dinners. they got to be together if you want a good family. >> you don't want your kids to turn out to be drug adicts. that's unrealistic. >> i love the family dinner. you're not saying it's a bad thing. >> of course not. i feel like the study comes out then we all feel like if we're not sitting down with our kids every night -- it's not realistic for all families. a lot of people have young kids. i don't want to sit down at 5:00 p.m. while my kids eat chicken nuggets. i want to sit down with my husband and watch man men. i think that's okay. i think what it's about is spending quality time with your kids and talking to your kids and having moments together. it's not about the study that says it has to be at family dinner at this time every night. >> overall the theme i get, don't try to be perfect. be the best you can be. thank you you so much. congratulations on your book. >> great talk on parenting.
4:57 am
thanks. it wasn't about me, was it? meanwhile, this story edward snowden is hiding out in russia rumor has it he was spotted in front of the white house. is that true? we'll explain. just isn't enough to ease my constipation i trust dulcolax tablets. i take dulcolax for dependable overnight relief and in the morning i am back to myself dulcolax, designed for dependable relief all these networks keep making different claims. it gets confusing. fastest, the strongest the most in-your-face-est. it sounds like some weird multiple choice test. yea, but do i pick a, b, or c. for me it's all of the above. i pick, like the best of everything. verizon. i didn't. i picked a. maybe c. and how'd that work out for you? not so well.
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good morning to you it is wednesday, april 8th. an officer charged with murder after this graphic video. the breaking details about the officer's past that could complicate this case. meanwhile, president obama calling out christians again. >> i listen to less than loving expressions by christians. i get concerns. >> he never does explain what those less than loving expressions are. it is out there now?
5:01 am
outrage by christians. >> what was the audience doing by the way? real life march madness. 6th grader ties for espn's best bracket. he collectan't collect the prize. he's not 18. is that fair? on a brighter note, mornings are better with friends. >> this is mario lopez. extra extra you're watching "fox and friends." thank you, mario. welcome live to studio e as in extra extra. "fox and friends" for wednesday. >> sure it. we're thankful you're with us at home. we begin with the fox news alert for you. we have just learned that the officer caught on camera right here that you're seeing shooting and killing an unarmed man had several complaints filed against him. anna kooiman is here with an update to our top story. what do we know now? >> good morning to all of you at home. this was not officer michael slager's first time being blamed
5:02 am
for using excessive force on the job. it may be his last. a witness capturing the exchange that left a black man lying dead in the grass. we must warn you, this video is graphic. you can see walter scott running from officer michael slager as he fired eight shots at the 50-year-old father of four. this is one in a string of complaints against the officer. two years ago someone claimed he used a taser on him for no reason. he was later cleared of wrong doing. this happened on saturday during a routine traffic stop. he pulled him over for a broken tail light. he feared because he took his stun gun. >> subject is down. >> if you look you can see the taser line appears to be
5:03 am
attached to him. it's not clear whether he tried to take the taser to begin with. the justice department is looking into the new case. scott's family is planning to file a civil lawsuit against the police department. >> i thank god that it happened so quickly. and i thank the lord because i am a praying woman. >> officer slager was denied bail and it behind bars at a detention center in south carolina. he could face the death penalty if convicted. and just a location in this, it was northern charleston. >> arthur adalla joins us. the video is troubling. it doesn't quite square with what the police officer said on the radio where he had feared for his life because the guy it taken the taser. we don't see that. >> look, the video doesn't -- they -- there aren't many videos out there that are more troubling than this one.
5:04 am
you know, obviously, i'm a criminal defense attorney. i try to think of it -- if i get the call from the public defender or the you knowianthe you knowian. >> that is why i asked you in. >> a lot of it depends on what my client is telling me. what the police officer would be telling me. and what he's saying -- the limited amount i know he's saying is that there was an altercation that took place before the video was run. the first question i have, as a finder of fact is why are they in the location that they're in? the car stop is on the street. it's on -- now they're in some grassy knoll kind of situation. number one why are they there. number two you do see the taser flying. i don't know if the taser is attached to the deceased or not. but what happened in that period of time. and then you're going to have to call in experts if this goes that far to talk about people's
5:05 am
heightened state of anxiety, heightened state of self-preservation and why the officer discharged his weapon. >> protocol is not on your side. cop protocol is not on your side. >> use of deadly force by police only if the person poses an immediate threat of bodily harm. do you see that? >> when he ran away from the car to this area, that was not it. when something took place where you see that taser flying in the air that's when he felt he lost control. those were his initial statements. he got my taser and i felt -- when he took my weapon, i felt that my life was in jeopardy. >> the other thing that is troubling about this, is after the guy --is down. the police officer comes over -- >> put your hands behind your back. >> it looks like he's putting something, some have suggested planting evidence on the scene. >> there is video where they highlight it. it looks like he runs back to
5:06 am
the initial scene of the altercation picks up the taser and runs and dropped next to the body. when i was in the da's body that was standard operating procedures. the police officer -- i hate to say this it was -- you know, you could read about it in books. they would keep a second gun that nobody knew about on their ankle. if they killed someone they shouldn't have they would take that gun out -- >> you're talking about dirty cops. >> i'm talking about dirty cops in the 70s and 80s and corruption and there was all kinds of trials having to do with that. >> that was before the iphone and that would not be allowed. >> the fact is, does this matter or does this present a change if you're the cop. he never helped him. another cop is helping him, trying to revive him. >> there's going to be no sympathy for this police officer, except for the fact that it's a 33-year-old human being who is getting paid
5:07 am
$40,000 to protect his own life and protect everyone else's life. and the thing is nobody thinks this cop woke up this morning and said let me go kill somebody. he made split second decision and they were wrong. obviously he made wrong decisions. it's going to be about in my opinion, how much jail time does he serve. does he get the death penalty? 25 years, 15, 10? if you ask for my educated opinion, he's going to go for jail. not if for how long. >> let me ask you one more thing anna kooiman updated us that there were prior offenses. >> he was exonerated. not in our system of government he's exonerated. if someone is charged with a crime and they're found not guilty. that's not on your record. >> he's not yelling at you. >> i apologize. real quick, there was this whole thing that was blow up on the news about allen dershowitz
5:08 am
being exonerated. it was in the times for three days. it's nowhere. give me a break. >> as we go back to the case -- we know allen dershowitz was exonerated. tymscott said the shooting was unnecessary. i'll be watching this case closely. he's a father of four and has a full time job. >> i'm sure if you had the police officer who is charged with this crime he's going to say it's a tragedy. i wish it never happened. i wish i can take a back. it was a mistake. i freaked out. i acted inappropriately. there is no one on planet earth is going to say this is justifiable. >> how can you say that and at the same time feel your life was threatened. you feel one or the other. >> when you're in the heat of the battle you feel one way. when you're sitting having a cup of coffee watching it on video,
5:09 am
you have a different perspective on things. that's what the -- the subject of a monday morning quarterback. when you're in the game, you're seeing things one way. when you're home on monday and you're watching it and you're in a calm environment. >> you know, so many people are going to start saying well, this is just like ferguson. this is different than ferguson. >> it's completely different. the officer's actions are completely different. and the way the justice was meted out here was very swift. it happened saturday. the decision came out tuesday. when i hear that the justice department is looking at this no the justice department should not be looking at this because the state, the local agency is doing the right thing. >> they got it. >> they're charging him with a capital crime. a death penalty crime. what else do you want them to do? this is a case where the feds should stay out and let the local municipality handle it.
5:10 am
>> it's a horrible case. so sad for everyone involved. >> thanks. >> heather nauert you have some other news. oftentimes you'll read it but -- actually, you're absolutely right. i've got a new development coming in on the story we brought you earlier this morning. it is a fox news alert. we are now learning that one nato soldier is dead this morning. after an afghan soldier opened fire on u.s. and nato troops in afghanistan. the troops firing back at that soldier, they killed him immediately. three american troops were also injured during that fire fight. that exchange of gun fire taking place after u.s. embassy official had left after visiting a local governor there. the nationality of the nato soldier has not been released. we'll keep you updated. another fox news alert to bring you. indiana pacers forward chris copeland was stabbed in the abdomen outside a night club. copeland and his wife both
5:11 am
slashed by a man during some sort of argument. they were rushed to a hospital where they're in stable condition. the attacker is in custody. two members of the atlanta hawks have also been arrested for trying to prevent police from setting up a crime scene. more as we get it. new overnight request denied. a federal judge will not lift the temporary hold on president obama's executive action. to prevent millions of illegal immigrants from deportation. the judge granted an injunction on behalf of 26 states that were suing to overturn the president's actions calling them unconstitutional. the justice department wants them lifted immediately and has already asked for an appeal. this tourist ran into somebody who looked like the nsa leaker edward snowden outside the white house. it was actually the actor joseph gordon love tt. they're the stars of the new snowden film. he plays the nsa whistle blower
5:12 am
and that woman plays the girlfriend. those are yourer headlines. >> it should be a very sympathetic view. a political debate getso heated. one of the candidates passes out right there on stage in front of everyone. what happened? whoa. did he get any help? >> senator rand paul making it official. >> i am putting myself forward as a candidate for president of the united states of america. >> but do his words resonate with voters? we'll have the dial treatment next. ♪
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5:17 am
people behind you. all they end up doing is looking -- they look at the people behind them. they don't actually hear the words that are being said. second the words he spoke, were among the most powerful i have seen in an announcement. i've done about 50 of these. these will be in the top three or four based on the language. i know we have clips coming up. >> i want to start with this one where he talked about taking our nation back. watch. >> we've got to take our country back from the special interest that use washington as their personal piggy back. the personal interest that are more concerned with their personal well fare than the general well fare. the washington machine that gobbles up our freedoms and invades every nook and cranny of our lives must be stopped. >> interesting there. what do you see? both of those dials hanging together up top for a while.
5:18 am
>> yes, even though this campaign is about republicans. we wanted to see how swing democrats also react. that's the green line. you'll notice both republicans and democrats responded incredibly favorably to the idea. not just of taking the country back, but beating up on the special interest and holding washington accountable. it's one of the most effective line of the campaign. >> number two where he talked about the death and spending money is. >> we borrow million dollars a minute. this vast accumulation of debt threatens not just our economy, but our security. we can wake up now and do the right there. quit spending money we don't have. >> okay what's your analysis there? >> once again -- he gave the perfect factoid, the spending per minute. that's something voters will understand. he connected it to we cannot keep spending what we don't have. i'm going to tell viewers right now, people think that jobs are the number one issue.
5:19 am
incorrect. wasteful washington spending and the debt and deficit are more important to more people. his language was perfect there. >> indicated by those dials. finally this up, foreign policy. this is rand paul on that. >> i envision a national defense that promotes as reagan put it peace through strength. i believe in applying reagan's approach to foreign policy to the iran issue. successful negotiations with untrustworthy adversaries are only achieved from a position of strength. >> that's almost off the chart with both democrats and republicans. >> he did something smart. he's been accused of being an isolationist or not engagement oriented. he talked about reagan's approach. he gave a balanced position which works with swing democrats. he's got to get tougher.
5:20 am
when he changed positions, he gets a little bit defensive. as you can see from those dial scores, it is incredibly effective. if that's the approach he takes during the campaign he will be formidable. not just 18-29-year-olds and republicans as well. now this coming up real life march madness. the sixth grader, he's 12 completes a nearly perfect bracket but cannot collect the $20,000 prize because he's too young. is that fair? you're comments. they're pouring in on this one. his three decade long entertainment career just earned him a star of the walk of fame. actor chris o'donnell is up next. with his secret to success. ♪ all that glitters is gold ♪ what if one push up could prevent heart disease? [man grunts] one wishful thinking, right? but there is one step you can take to help prevent
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5:24 am
time now for quick headlines from the campaign trail. rahm emanuel elected to a second term as chicago's mayor. he got about 56% of the vote. for a while it looked like he wasn't going to do it. a scary moment during a mayoral debate in philly where a candidate collapsed. >> in legislation that we -- >> all right. ladies and gentlemen we're going to pause for a quick break. we'll be right back. >> well he quickly regained consciousness and was helped off stage. the campaign tweeted out this photo. doctors think she may have suffered a sudden drop in blood pressure. they say today she's fine. >> and that's the news now show business.
5:25 am
>> that's right. thank you. with a career spanning three decades. actor chris o'donnell has worked with every from al puchino to ll cool j. >> it's not worth it all right? you can't turn the car. >> wheres the turn, charlie? okay. >> what i want to do is paris, j join the musketeers. >> what's that stand for? >> robin. >> thanks you saved my life. >> can definitely get into this superhero gig. >> 100 feet. >> there goes the drone. >> all that work just earned him a star on the hollywood walk of
5:26 am
fame. i wish we could have -- you were commenting on all those clips as you look back on your work. do you feel as yes, i have done it? >> it's funny for me looking back. the memories -- when i see a film i think about the experiences of making it and the people you worked with. the three musketeers, the hair day -- >> you look at the clothes you wear. one day you're charlie next day i'm robin. >> as a kid i used to get dressed up and change my clothes pretending i was different people. >> with a family of seven i guess you weren't doing the laundry. >> exactly. just keep reusing the clothes. >> how is your mother? i know -- >> she's watching. i guarantee you she's watching. hello mom, how are you? >> you called her on the show. >> i was down there for easter. >> are you going to use this opportunity to retire? it's been 30 years. >> it's fun.
5:27 am
that star we did a couple weeks ago. i have been on every talk show and presented every awards show. that was special. i looked out and my entire family flew in for it. all the writers and my cast and fans were there. it was an amazing day. >> who was your star near? who are your neighbors? >> i think george takai is near me. i'm near an irish pub. >> what's your secret to success? you go to your sixth season of ncis. what is it like working there? >> you got to -- my co-star ll says you got to maintain focus. it is a grind. we do 24 episodes a year. we're in episode 21 right now. you guys getting up doing the show, it's non-stop. we work long hours. coming home last night i had two kids talking to me in both ears then i had to come here. >> two out of the five.
5:28 am
>> the other one was racking up charges on his iphone for $1,200. you know the games where you can buy the token? he found the password out. i swear he ran up the largest bill you ever seen. >> that's why you need life insurance. your family needs to be provided for in the event that something bad happens. >> that's why i'm here. i am, i've teamed up with john han hancock. it's a new type of life insurance. they've teamed up with vitality. they're reminding people they're in control of their mental, physical and financial health. this new program they will reward people for healthy living. >> they give you -- >> every time you job you get some -- >> you can get a reduction on your premium. they have a reward plan. >> incentive based. >> it's interesting because the average american is five years older than your age. it's called you vitality age.
5:29 am
the good news is, you can prove that with -- >> what's your vitality age? >> older than it should be. it's called episode 21. and five kids at home. >> do you get a discount for fighting crime? >> i should. i'm going to see if that's on the website. >> you say you have no time to rehearse. you memorize, go out there and boom. >> we get after it. we do. you know, there will be some rehearsing if there's an elaborate stunt scene. mostly for safety precautions. >> i would like to be your body double if steve doesn't want to do it. >> let's do it. >> do you want to say good bye to your mother? >> good bye, mom. >> she's got to keep watching. >> it doesn't go off, it's on the house all day. >> thanks for everything. we promise not to walk on you if we go to hollywood. on the way in to the irish pub. meanwhile, yesterday president obama calling out christians again. >> i listen to less than loving
5:30 am
expressions by christians. i get concerned. >> why did he say that? there is outrage this morning. we'll tell you about it. >> what was the crowd saying to him? >> that's a good question. we're bringing the zoo to you. we're taking a walk on the wild side. bring the kids. >> it ain't easy being green. ♪ nobody knows it but me ♪ eds where they grow. a barrier forms so weeds can't appear - serious weed prevention up to a year. [chorus singing:] ♪ roundup max control 365 ♪ with no more weeds it's your year. i love life, but really i love my chico's life. i take good care of myself and i love what i see when i look in the mirror. i've often been told i'm the best pair of legs in the room. the so slimming collection only at chico's and
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let me talk to you about retirement. a 401(k) is the most sound way to go. let's talk asset allocation. sure. you seem knowledgeable professional. would you trust me as your financial advisor? i would. i would indeed. well, let's be clear here. i'm actually a dj. [ dance music plays ] [laughs] no way! i have no financial experience at all. that really is you? if they're not a cfp pro you just don't know. find a certified financial planner professional who's thoroughly vetted at cfp -- work with the highest standard. it is your shot of the morning, look at that smiling 12-year-old sam. he's smiling because he tied for first place in espn's bracket challenge on the basketball games. he beat out more than 11 million other brackets. he won't get the $20,000 grand prize because you have to be 18
5:34 am
or older to win. >> minor detail there. maybe there will be a junior prize. >> this is what you're saying about espn's decision. >> you are some comments. ben writes, if he's smart enough to bracket the games he's smart enough to read the rules. >> that's true. and this tweet says it should be given as a scholarship or father. that would be great and say from now on as steve brought up earlier have a junior division. >> it's not like espn is going to go broke. >> espn can grow it. how many kids didn't do it because the rule says you had to be 18. >> he did tie. >> the suggestion, is if you're under 18 you get a scholarship. over 18, get cash. >> i love your idea, steve. >> it will be called the steve doocy espn scholarship. >> doocy it. >> all right. how about this yesterday, at the white house the president gathered christian leaders including reverend al sharpton. for the easter prayer breakfast.
5:35 am
what did he do? he did something he has done in the past. he inexplicably bashed christians. >> i do reflect on the fact that as a christian, i am supposed to love. and i have to say that sometimes when i listen to less than loving expressions by christians i get concerned. but that's a topic for another day. >> right. obviously it was not reading off a script at that moment. it is jernagreed upon he was talking about what took place in indiana and arkansas in the last few weeks. after everything going on with christianity in kenya, the christians that were beheaded.
5:36 am
what's going on in iraq. i cannot believe he decided to focus on that. >> it was in february at the national prayer breakfast we he knew comparisons between isis and christians. the christians did the same thing during the crusades. >> he takes the moment to reprimand them twice. >> just reporting what happened at the prayer breakfast at the white house. >> because you might have been working. >> we were. >> i know somebody who is working hard. keeping us updated on the headlines. it's a tough one to bring you. a tournament tragedy seven people are dead after their small plane crashed on the way home from watching the ncaa finalsism dense fog in central illinois could be to blame for that crash. two of the seven dead have been identified as employees of the illinois state university. the deputy athletics director is
5:37 am
on the left and the associate head basketball coach ward is on the right. our prayers go out to their families. a woman with cancer kicked off an airplane in hawaii because she didn't have a doctor's note. take a listen to this exchange. >> i have multiple myeloma. you're talkking me off because i don't have a doctor's note? >> she posted this video on facebook. she told alaska airlines crews sometimes she feels weak when she flies on a plane. she put on a surgical mask to avoid germs. a lot of people do that on planes nowadays. that is when she was told she needed a note from her doctor to fly. then her entire family was escorted off the plane. as a result, she missed several chemotherapy appointments in california. she informed the airline of that by the way. the airline has now since apologized and has comped the family's flights and hotels.
5:38 am
what do you think of that? a nine-year-old girl not too happy bout her school's common core tests. she's not afraid to show it. watch this. >> i consider myself a well-enlicated young lady. however with tests my five years of school do not matter. this testing looks at me as a number. one test defines me as either a failure or success. >> a lot of teachers feel that way. that is a fourth grader from florida. she says the tests don't measure her abilities. >> thank you. it's national zoo lover's day. and what better way to celebrate than with a brand new show from nat geo wild. watch. >> its feet are stronger than a german shepherd's bite.
5:39 am
its whole face is an ear. all this and its wings may be the future of human flight. >> the new series is called everything you didn't know about animals. >> it's exciting. here to teach us a bunch of things we didn't know a nat geo wild animal expert. thee guys were coloring with me earlier and they're here now. >> this guy is a vietnamese potbelly pig. as cute as they are now they get to be pretty big and loud too. he's got a full belly. >> a potbelly there. >> whoa. whoa. >> they're really fast, too. let's go to our next animal. >> is he okay? he's totally fine. >> look at this little guy.
5:40 am
this guy is one of my favorites. >> who is he? >> this is an eagle owl. they're native to europe. the world's largest owl species. look how big his eyes is. they're so big he can't turn them this way. that's why they can turn their head almost all the way around. >> true or false they need vietnamese piglets? >> that would be the right size prey for him. he eats mice. >> what's your question? >> his eyes look like one of those -- >> they almost look like a stuffed animal eye. these animals can see almost in pitch darkness. that's why they fly at night. >> are you making though eyes? are you doing that? >> let's bring in the next animal. this is kind of like those birthday parties where you have
5:41 am
animals. you're being our entertainment. >> what do you have? >> i was showing the guys this before. this is an african bull frog. it's one of the largest species out there. >> do you want to touch it? >> they're a little bit -- >> do they have a wart? >> that's a myth, too. that's one of the things that's great about the nat geo series, we bust a lot of myths about animals like frogs won't give you warts. these guys are so big. they have a huge mouth. they eat anything they can cram down their throat. >> let me ask you about this, this weekend we saw a lot of easter bunnies hopping around. you have one in studio. >> we do. let's bring him out. >> how cute is that bunny? look at those pinkeyes. he has pink eyes all the time. >> this is an altbino rabbit. this is just a special color. and -- if you want to gently
5:42 am
pet. rabbits are another great animal for pets. folks need to know they live up to ten or 12 years. if you get them for a kid, grownups have to take care of them. they need to hop around. >> it's a commitment if you get one of those. >> exactly. >> all right. scoot you over here. >> are there certain breeds that are better pets than others? >> all domestic rabbits make good pets. >> you have an interesting animal. >> this is an animal that you probably have never seen before. it's called a kinkajoo. it's a relative of a raccoon. he lives in south america. he has long tail. he uses it almost like a fifth arm to hold on to the branches. that's what we that he's adapted to live in the jungle. >> would that be a good surprise pet for these kids? >> not a good pet.
5:43 am
wild animals never make good pets. if you're get to get a pet, stick with a dog or cat or rabbit. >> how about a round of applause for dave, the spokesperson for the national wild life federation. >> thank you sir. >> it premieres monday, april 13th. >> congratulations on the series. >> have fun? >> everything you didn't know about animals. everything you didn't know about money coming up. maria bartiromo joins us live next. ♪ wild thing ♪ ♪ you make my heart sing ♪
5:44 am
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♪ music plays love you by the free design ♪ ♪ attendant: welcome back. man: thank you. it's not home. but with every well considered detail . . . it becomes one step closer. no wonder more people. . . choose
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delta than any other airline. there are two sectors of the economy. the public sector, which is the non-productive sector and the private sector which is the engine that creates jobsism you need to leave more money in the private sector. you have to reduce taxes. the last president we had was ronald reagan that said we're going to dramatically cut tax rates. guess what? more revenue came in. tens of millions of jobs were created. >> that's true, but the deficit did grow. rand paul officially kicking off his campaign for 2016 showing where he stands on the economy. talked with sean hanley last night. how will that plan impact you? there is only one person that knows and she's with me. maria bartiromo from our center network fox business. first things first. from what you know about what he was saying yesterday about his economic plan? what do you think? >> i think this is on target in
5:48 am
terms of moving the needle on growth. you will hear this kind of talk over and over from the gop. the gop believes that create an environment that encourages business to create job and you move to needle on job and growth. that is lower taxes. that will encourage businesses to create jobs. he's comparing it to reaganomics which obviously worked. he made sure the environment did not strangle corporations. he's comparing it to right now. what we've seen from the obama administration is heavy regulation. whether it's epa obamacare et cetera. as well as trying to make sure that the wealthy and big corporations really take on the burden of higher taxes. so it hasn't worked but those companies are sitting on cash. we're in very, very slow growth right now. >> what i was heartened to hear is he cares about the $18 trillion deficit. what karl rove said last night when you talk about cutting back
5:49 am
on spending, people say tell me where. that's when you start upsetting certain sectors. you can't say cut anything and have certain people going into a tizzy. >> the money has to go from somewhere. if you're going to cut the debt it's got to be at the expense of somethingential. when you have a situation where it's the new normal where you have isis cutting people's heads off and iran and the terrorists around the world. you realize it should not come from defense. shell oil is acquiring bj oil. the isisgoing to be the first of deals we see. >> she just tweeted out a picture of the bull frog. >> yes, i did. >> thanks so much. don't miss her on the fox business network. coming up we've seen two tragedies that started with silent killers inside the home. what you need to know to keep your family safe. that's next. i want to check in with my
5:50 am
only real friend, bill hemmer to tell me what's on his show. >> that's your friend. okay. >> that's my friend. >> the one right here. >> the only one. >> breaking news on the u.s. military personnel shot and killed. looks like an inside job. the nba star and his wife stabbed earlier today. you mentioned rand paul. what does he mean for jeb bush and ted cruz? we will analyze. a new street drug that has a lot of parents concerned and for very good reason. i will see you starting in ten minutes, top of the
5:51 am
5:52 am
5:53 am
hour. this is really important information for you. in the last couple of weeks we've had two terrible tragedies of entire families losing their lives. one to a fire here in new york
5:54 am
that. family did not have smoke detectors on the plainmain floor. another family in maryland poisoned by carbon monoxide. what should you be doing to make sure you're safe? here is some tips with lowe's expert. allen. down in maryland it sounds like this family had a generator. there was no electricity. we don't know the circumstances of that. they had a generator like this but had it inside the kitchen. >> it's not safe. you're not supposed to be using generators in any enclosed locations. not in a garage or crawl space. >> why not? >> it puts out carbon monoxide. you won't spell and won't notice. >> the reports were there were cords running throughout the house right into it. maybe that's why they put it in the kitchen. where should you have the
5:55 am
generator? >> outside. away from any windows and doors so the fumes will not go back into the house. just anywhere where there is plenty of ventilation. >> okay. we don't know whether or not they had any carbon monoxide detectors. if they did, it would probably go off. you've got all sorts of new technology that makes it much easier to detect it in your house, right? also the location is very important. where should you put them? >> you need to have at least one on every floor, including the basement. a lot of people skip that. you need to have it within ten feet of your bedroom. and next to any a gas appliance like dryer or fernance. >> with the hot plate instance in new york they did have a smoke detector, it was down in the basement. they were sleeping on the second floor. you don't hear it. >> it needs to be next to the bedroom. >> you have this, it's wireless so they talk to each other. if it goes off in the basement it will alert people upstairs. >> they're sleeping -- you don't know the circumstances landlord
5:56 am
or anybody can help them out. >> i can't tell you how many times my wife has said, do you hear that? and it will be beeping. it's chirping. then, of course it's late at night. my inclination is i'm going to put it in the garage obviously i need a new battery. that's the dumbest thing you can do. >> never throw it away w. look at the warning signs, different chirps it makes. find out what it means. >> it could be chirping because there's carbon monoxide in your house and you don't smell it because it has no smell. >> exactly. thank you. we'll take a quick timeout. we'll be right back with "fox and friends" ♪ take a stip ♪ ♪ don't stop girl ♪ ♪ you know i love it when you get your shine on ♪ i take good care of myseip ♪ ♪ don't stop, girl ♪ ♪ you know i love it when you get your shine on ♪ i see when i look in the mirror.
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we covered a lot of territory today. where did the three hours go? we're going to do it again tomorrow. >> we are and again and again. stone." bill: friendly fire from oversea and an american soldier dead after an afghan soldier in uniform fired on government forces. it happened in jalalabad as the u.s. embassy officer left the room u.s. troops returned fire and the attacker is dead. it's the second so-called insider attack this year. new details behind a cyber attack at the white house.


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